Michaël Beauvent tests the matter of common sense. Our mutant horizon is his subject, and he questions it in a libertarian quest. 

         We are talking about a post-laic quest, where art serves the initiation. What he brings to expression isn’t tangible, nor audible. Neither is it “just thought”, it is an interspace where language and matter blend, interchange, unite without pre-eminence.   


Here, space has N dimensions.  Since he combines heterogeneous planes and elements, Mikkabo designs equations of sense, or even of non-sense. He attempts to unravel what is debasingly strewn inside of us.  His work is a free expression which tends to be an awakening factor. 

        Handling simulacrums, using irony, Mikkabo tends to the open, to the inexpressible. At least, that is the inner tension that wells up in him and motivates his work. His greatest fear is that one may recognize, identify him. There is no such thing as the “Mikkabo” style !  If one could recognize a recurrent theme in his creations, that would mean he bogged himself down.


         His work is not limited to a style or a particular tendency.  Numeric art can be combined with painting on easel, pigments combined to pixels as in his animated frescoes. What matters is the psychic sparkle that flees from representation, what matters is this other light we miss.


         Here freedom runs through the nerves, there the subject is a maxim, or a ritornelle, or a psychic territory. One day is different from the other.


         As a pure human individual, without particular beliefs, he questions the worlds, the after-worlds, the schemes where enter into communion different conditions, bridles of the past, particles, fluxes, tearing, …






Jean-Philippe Goffaux


Septembre 2006